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Don't let editors leave you hanging.

Good editors can tell you what’s wrong with your writing. What they can't do  is give you an action plan to address your writing weaknesses. We can.

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 How We're Different 

We provide you the industry-standard editing package--the manuscript comments and evaluation--but that’s not all. We also address your root-cause weaknesses. After a thorough diagnosis, we don’t just leave you hanging. We customize your actual drills to improve your weaknesses. You’ll leave us with a road map, concrete next steps to improve your novel, and more importantly, to improve your writing.

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 Service Breakdown 

You send us a sample of your writing. We send you ...

Edits and Comments


Line edits and margin comments to address your weaknesses

A comprehensive evaluation of your specific writing weaknesses

Writing Drills

Custom writing “drills” to improve your weaknesses

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 What your fellow 

 writers are saying 

"I especially valued the essay Mason recommended to grow my craft in an area he'd pinpointed as weaker. I applied the techniques from that essay to another story that had been rejected a few times, and sold that story on its next submission. His recommendation was spot-on."


​​-N. R. M. Roshak, a winner of the 34th Writers of the Future contest

“With writing, I’ve always thought you either have it or you don’t, so I never thought of practicing. After going through the Practice Regimen, though, I realized I didn’t have to settle for my current skill level. The Training Sheets gave me an actionable system to start improving. Now, I write faster, cleaner, and with more joy. The 7 Drills have opened up a whole new dimension of my fiction."

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-Kent Wayne, Amazon-bestselling author of the Echo Series

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We'll make you a better writer. Or your money  back

We’re fanatics about helping you improve your craft. That’s why we don’t leave you hanging after the manuscript evaluation. We give you personalized diagnosis of your writing weaknesses. Then we customize drills for you to *improve* those weaknesses.

But we’ll take it one step further. If you think we’ve failed to follow through on our promise to improve your writing as well as your novel, you get a full refund. Here’s how it works. The editor will deliver his or her work to you at the halfway point. If you don’t like the way they’re working or if you don’t think they’re getting your voice right, let them know. You can request a full refund or that they redo the work to your specifications.

Are you ready to take your novel to greater heights? To train your writing as you’ve never trained it before? Let us be your guides, and together, we’ll start climbing.

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