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Basecamp Bundle

There’s a path to writing a great novel that no one tells you about. Our video training will show you the way. For free.

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 Writing a novel is still

 a perilous journey 

I hope the free video series gave you the training and tools you need to climb Novel Mountain, but I know the trail can still seem a little unclear and, frankly, scary. How do you apply the 7 Drills? How do you stay consistent and keep climbing? How do you make the climb as successful as possible?

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 Become one with 

 the mountain 

Think of a time when you’ve seen an artist at work. It doesn’t have to be in a creative art. Maybe you’ve witnessed someone performing at a mastery level in a sport. Or in public speaking. In anything. There’s an electricity in their movements, in their words. They’ve inhabited their art. They’ve become one with the mountain.

Buy the Basecamp Bundle
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 Is the Basecamp 

 right for you? 

Do you want to be a pro? Or an amateur?

That’s what it boils down to. The free video series and training sheets are more than enough to guide you on your writing journey, but the Basecamp Bundle can separate you from the pack. So if you’re serious about your writing—or ready to get serious—the Basecamp Bundle is right for you.

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What's special about the Basecamp?

The ClimbWrite Basecamp is different from other writing courses. Other courses feel like drops in an endless ocean. You take a course on character development, then another on dialogue, then someone tells you your settings are nonexistent, and you take a workshop on setting activation. The world of courses is never ending, and it’s hard to know where to start—and where to stop. The Basecamp isn’t like that. The Basecamp doesn’t teach you how to do all of the tricks of the trade (though it does do a lot of that). More importantly, it teaches you how to learn the tricks of the trade. It won’t leave you searching for another course, because you’ll know how to learn on your own. As the mountain changes, as you write more and different novels, the training and tools you receive in the Basecamp will still be as valid as ever. We give a framework, not a formula.


So if you’re serious about your writing, if you want to improve your craft, feel fulfilled in your stories and chase your publishing dreams, start the climb. With the training and tools in the Basecamp, we’ll guide you to the summit.

Buy the Basecamp Bundle
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