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Learn the hidden path to writing a great novel

Why do so many people struggle to write their breakthrough novel? It’s because they’re on the normal path. They’re taking wrong turns, hitting dead ends. Don’t be normal. Get the training that will take your writing to the top. Be an expert.

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 The Writer's Climb 

Writing a novel is like climbing a mountain. It can be scary. Overwhelming. There are dead ends and slippery slopes, and if you don’t have the right training, you can get lost. How do you know you’re on the right track?

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 The Solution 

Imagine you’d started in the basecamp and discovered the fastest, most enjoyable route to the summit. Now you’re excited about your story. You’re confident in your writing.  What did you learn in the basecamp? What is the secret route?

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 Is there really a "right" 

 way to write a novel? 

There are a million wrong ways to write a novel, a million sheer cliffs to fall off of and chasms to fall down. But is there a right way?

We don’t think so. In writing a great novel—as in climbing a huge mountain—there are too many moving pieces, too many changing conditions for a formulaic approach to be effective. Each of us has to find our own unique path. What we teach is the kind of path that works best. It’s a method of writing that will guide you to the summit in the way that works best for you, and it’s laid out in detail in the basecamp training. For free.

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 What your fellow 

 writers are saying 

“After surveying the working methods of over 1,000 writers and research-ing best writing process techniques in available literature, Mason has dis-tilled that information into a very solid, practical, clear, and accessible ap-proach to writing.”

-Steve Adams, Pushcart-winning author and writing coach

“With writing, I’ve always thought you either have it or you don’t, so I never thought of practicing. After going through the Practice Regimen, though, I realized I didn’t have to settle for my current skill level. The Training Sheets gave me an actionable system to start improving. Now, I write faster, cleaner, and with more joy. The 7 Drills have opened up a whole new dimension of my fiction.”


-Kent Wayne, Amazon-bestselling author of the Echo Series

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Are you ready to start your climb?

We’re not here to give you a map to the summit. With the free training and tools in the basecamp, you can make your own map; you find your own path to writing a great novel. We’re just here to guide you.

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