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The Noveleer Basecamp

Supercharge your creativity, motivation, and writing process. Be a noveleer.

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What's the Noveleer Basecamp?

Noveleer Basecamp - Introduction
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Take your creativity to a new peak

Writing a novel is like climbing a mountain. It takes energy, persistence, and a whole lot of motivation. So when you're feeling burned out, you can come to a standstill. 

The Noveleer Basecamp Course will change that.

Sign up now for free and access 2+ hours of video content, real-time assessments, and the PDF workbook.

30+ videos

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PDF workbook


The Noveleer Basecamp

WHAT'S A NOVELEER? - an introduction

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  • Learn the way of a noveleer--being a novelist is old news

  • Unveil the principles of creative health

  • Assess your noveleer fitness

ALIGNMENT - love your mountain

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  • Recover from burnout 

  • Find your writing why

  • Identify negative, limiting beliefs 

  • Build confidence in your noveleer identity

CREATIVITY - build your basecamp

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  • Achieve creative autonomy

  • Build a network of support

  • Conquer your jealousy and insecurity

  • Jumpstart your creative process

PRODUCTIVITY - start your climb

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  • Take back control of your writing schedule

  • Skyrocket your enjoyment of the craft

  • Develop an easy-to-follow system for continuous improvement

  • Become a fully fledged noveleer


Noveleers are skilled, confident, and always ascending to the new peak of their writing abilities. When you enroll in the course and join your fellow writers on Novel Mountain, you get:

  • 30+ instructional videos for more than 2 hours of creativity-invigorating content

  • a 35-page workbook to supercharge your writing

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