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Making sense of your score

Your writeforce consists of the six factors of creative wellbeing, each of which is scored out of 49 points.

  • Autonomy (average = 29.4)

  • Positive relationships (average = 34.3)

  • Mastery of environment (average = 33.6)

  • Personal growth (average = 30.4)

  • Purpose (average = 31.6)

  • Self-Acceptance (average = 30.4)


A higher score represents a higher writeforce.

What did you score?

if you just completed the assessment and don't see your noveleer name, wait one minute and refresh the page. Or click here to view the original Google Sheet.

If you completed the assessment before 3/11/21, scroll to the bottom of this page to see your results.

Archived Scores

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